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Handmade Bodhráns for the Obama Family

Barack & Michelle Obama Barack & Michelle Obama Malachy and Gifty Kearns of Roundstone Music, Connemara were invited by the American Embassy to make a special gift for the Obama Family – both for the parents and children, Malia and Sasha, to mark their historic visit to Ireland. The Bodhrán is one of the oldest Irish Products — it is part of our deeper Spirit and how we stayed Irish during english rule (the bodhrán was a farming implement - winnowing of grain, holding potatoes on table etc during day time). At night, the beater or cipin (little stick), which was a bone from a goat was "taken down" from a shelf; it became a Musical Instrument that is uniquely played in the world of manual percussion with one hand tucked behind the skin pressing to vary the pitch, thus deep haunting tones and racing sounds go speedily to be felt at Gut Level (life centre). The word bodhar "means deaf or from deep within", hence the name bodhrán evolved. A bodhrán with a family crest or celtic initial is a statement "We are Irish".


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