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Item   Description   Price:US$
*New*14" Bodhran with Family Crest, includes Shipping Worldwide   Rare price for first 50 Bodhrans ordered $ 129.00
14" Bodhran with portrait of child, limited offer   14" Bodhran with portrait of child, name, date $ 245.00
Beginners pack   16" Bodhran, case, book& DVD, extra beater $ 169.00
Bodhran 8"   Plain Skin $ 25.00
Bodhran 8" with Celtic Design   (Tutor Book and Beater Incl) $ 37.00
Bodhran 14"   Plain Skin $ 59.00
Bodhran 14" with Celtic Design   (Tutor Book and Beater Incl) $ 79.00
Bodhran 16" Plain Special Offer   (Tutor Book and 2 Beaters Incl) $ 115.00
Bodhran 18" Plain   (Tutor Book and Beater Incl) $ 169.00
Bodhran 18" Deluxe "The Chief" (additional information) $ 285.00
New Deep Rim 18" Deluxe   4.5ins.Deep rim (for that deeper sound) $ 369.00
Bodhran 18" Tuneable   PROFESSIONAL (Very heavy Goatskin) $ 399.00
Bodhran 18" deep-rim Tuneable   Deep-Rim Professional bodhran (Very heavy Goatskin) $ 449.00
Remember to order a bodhran where
we can paint the design you choose!
These are design prices only!
Double Family Crest   Hand Painted $ 149.00
Single Family Crest   Hand Painted $ 89.00
Celtic Cross Design   Celtic animal design $ 35.00
Celtic Harp Design   Hand painted Celtic Harp $ 35.00
Celtic Design   L shaped celtic design. $ 35.00
Celtic Design Ireland Map   Hand Painted $ 35.00
Celtic Design with Names and Date   The Perfect Wedding Gift(include names and date when you order) $ 35.00
Celtic Heart Design   Heart shaped celtic design. $ 35.00
Celtic Design   Ornate Eternal Life Circle. $ 35.00
Celtic Initial   Hand Painted Celtic letter (R) - any initial available $ 45.00
Celtic Spiral design   Hand Painted Celtic Spiral $ 35.00
Two Celtic Initials Design   Include initials and Date when you order $ 85.00
Special Commissioned Artwork   Include details when you order $ 220.00
Remember to order a bodhran where
we can paint the design you choose!
These are design prices only!
Beater-Pack   (5 Beaters, Assorted) $ 79.00
Ebony Beater   Beater with a notch $ 49.99
Ebony Beater   Beater without a notch $ 49.99
Rubber Topped   Beater $ 29.00
Wooden musical spoons   +Instructions $ 39.90
Ebony Bones   + Instructions $ 39.99
Treatment Wax   for bodhran $ 14.95
Soft Carry Case   Carry Case, for your bodhran $ 39.00
Irish Tweed Case   Carry Case, with beater pocket (for your 18 Bodhran ) $ 79.00
New Hard secure Case (not suitable for deep-rim bodhrans)   Secure case for those who travel with their Bodhran $ 99.99
Bodhran Tutor DVD   International format $ 44.99
WALLUP!   Humour and Lore of Bodhran Making $ 18.99
Placemats   Circular with assorted celtic designs on each $ 69.99
Coasters   Circular with assorted celtic designs on each $ 32.99
Feadog Whistle   with Tutor book and CD $ 29.99

Note: The above prices includes Shipping, handling and Insurance 7 days.

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