Celebrating over 45 years as

Ireland’s Master Bodhran Maker

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Ireland’s Master Bodhrán Maker

Award Winning Irish Bodhran’s

Traditional & Authentic Bodhrán’s

Celebrating 45 years as Ireland’s Master Bodhran Maker

On an old Franciscan Monastery in Roundstone, developed by the Industrial Development Authority , Malachy Kearns, better known as Malachy Bodhrán amongst folk musicians, works at his craft of making Ireland’s oldest product the Bodhrán (Bow-Rawn). It is an 18″ one sided drum made from Goatskin treated by a traditional process.

About Malachy Kearns

Ireland’s Master Bodhran Maker

Roundstone Musical Instruments is the studio and shop of renowned bodhrán maker Malachy Kearns, or Malachy Bodhrán as he is fondly know. The Bodhrán is one of the oldest Irish musical instruments, a one sided hand held drum that is made through traditional methods using treated goat’s skin stretched onto a Birch frame. Colourful designs are hand painted onto the bodhrán including by request family crests.

Malachy has handmade all of the bodhráns used in Riverdance over the past 25 years.

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