Irish Bodhrán Designs

This animal design is full of intricate entwinng knotwork and vibrant colours.

This animal design is full of intricate entwinng knotwork and vibrant colours.

An age old symbol of Ireland,the harp includes intricate Celtic spirals along the front edge.

Within this heart shaped Celtic design can be seen knot-works, animals and vibrant colours.Again the one continuous line showing the continuity of life and man’s spiritual journey.

This ancient Celtic Design is taken from the Celtic Burial Mound at New Grange in Co. Meath. This design pre-dates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland by some 3,000 years. It is thought to be the oldest Celtic symbol and is supposed to represent the 3 stages of man: Birth, Death, Eternity. Available in Black.

Here is an example of a single family crest. Remember to include your family name when ordering. There is also the option to put two family crests on Bodhran.


The Cross symbolises the 4 roads and Christ’s rule over all things- length, breadth, height & depth.


Animals and Birds were sacred to the Celts and many of their Gods and Spirits are represented with Bird or Animal parts. In The Book of Kells the Four Evangelists are depicted as

Man for Matthew
Lion for Mark

Ireland’s Master Bodhran Maker

Roundstone Musical Instruments is the studio and shop of renowned bodhrán maker Malachy Kearns, or Malachy Bodhrán as he is fondly know. The Bodhrán is one of the oldest Irish musical instruments, a one sided hand held drum that is made through traditional methods using treated goat’s skin stretched onto a Birch frame. Colourful designs are hand painted onto the bodhrán including by request family crests.

Malachy has handmade all of the bodhráns used in Riverdance over the past 25 years.

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