Celtic Spiral Design


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Ireland’s Master Bodhran Maker – Malachy Kearns

Celtic Spiral Design

Celtic Spiral design – Hand Painted Celtic Spiral. This ancient Celtic Design is taken from the Celtic Burial Mound at New Grange in Co. Meath. This design pre-dates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland by some 3,000 years. It is thought to be the oldest Celtic symbol and is supposed to represent the 3 stages of man: Birth, Death, Eternity. Available in Black.

The spiral is the natural form of growth. In every culture past and present it has become the symbol of eternal life. Surrounded by water as they worked, the Celts (Monks) were constantly reminded of the flow and movement of the universe. The spirals they painted represented the continuous creation and dissolution of the world; the passages between the spirals being the divisions between life, death and re-birth.


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